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Learn what you actually need. Knowing the syntax of a language doesn't make you a good programmer yet.

In our courses you will develop your programmer skills further. That can only be done by actually doing some practical programming under the guidance of seasoned professionals from who you can quickly learn all the best-practices and shortcuts.

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Public-Private Partnerships, turn-key analyses pipelines and developing Shiny webapplications. We love to share our knowledge by shaping it into applications. Let us accelerate your product development or projects.

We help you acquire funding in PPP's, develop user requirements and are used to version control, agile and devops in deployments.

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Hire expertise

Hire one of our experts to quickly support your data (bio)science development efforts. This is the easiest way to access the latest state-of-the-art knowledge.

We are different. Since most of our experts are also trainers, they love sharing their knowledge. So not only will the job get done, your employees will also learn from our consultants knowledge and expertise!

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Shiny webapps developed on turn-key basis

We develop Shiny webapplications on a turn-key basis. We start by getting to know your analysis and wishes. Then we work alongside with you in agile way to get results fast. This month (June 2016) as a special introduction, you get an assessment for free! Contact us now, we don't byte.

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  • Inge Schats joins Data Computing! Aug. 8, 2016

    We are very proud and happy that Inge Schats will be joining the team. She has an excellent reputation in marketing and sales. And many years of entrepreneurial experience owning a software house, recruitment bureau and publishing agency. In Data Computing she will bring in her commercial experience to set up some decent fundament for high performance business development. She holds two bachelor degrees, in dietetics and Spanish.

  • Ad Thiers joins Data Computing! Aug. 1, 2016

    We are pleased to announce that Ad Thiers is joining Data Computing. He has decades of experience in high performance computing and infrastructure architecture. After a career as researcher at the Radboud University, Ad worked for large pharmaceutical companies and specialist consultancy firms. He has background is in biotechnology and scientific computing and holds a degree in chemistry.

  • New office June 15, 2016

    Data Computing now officially resides in a new office at Kerkenbos 1079-kk, 6546 BB in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

  • DATA COMPUTING joins DTLS May 13, 2016

    Data Computing is proud to announce a partnership with DTLS (the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences). In the partnership, Data Computing will contribute mostly on the Data Stewardship and FAIR data concepts. A joint effort in Health-RI is also planned. We are helping DTLS with advanced data technology in order to make more data FAIR.

  • Data Computing and CMBI join in Public-Private-Partnership April 14, 2016

    Data Computing joins a Public-Private Partnership together with Lumicks and the CMBI. Today this group submitted an application in the NWO Building Blocks of Life programme. Together with Lumicks and CMBI, we will investigate the molecular building blocks of cilium, to understand the mechanisms of its genetic dysfunction in ciliopathies.

  • Data Computing has been founded! April 1, 2016

    I'm proud to start my own company (Data Computing). In the next few years the intention is to grow quickly into a specialist in the Data Science field. For now we focus on the Food and Health sector in the Netherlands. From September on, we will provide courses, turn-key solutions (i.e. visualization software with Shiny webapplications) and consultancy in Data Science, infrastructure automation and data stewardship. The first few months will be used to setup the logistics of the company. Yes we are hiring, please contact me at maurice@datacomputing.nl