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Turn-key solutionspublish your R model

We provide turn-key R-Shiny webapplications, to support your analysis. Share your R model through an interactive webapplication with your colleagues and clients. Simple, clean elegant, fixed price. Email (sales@datacomputing.nl) or call us today!

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Research togethertroubleshooting, public-private research, proof of concepts

We love learning. Sometimes a second pair of fresh eyes solves the issues. Let's look at your issue, problem, research together.

Contact us for your next research proposal, public-private partnership or if things are going wrong for our troubleshooting skills. We will figure it out together!

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Hire an expert

We have excellent people who love sharing knowledge. Want to accelerate your project? Hire our consultants with decades of experience. Even available from one day on!

DataEngineer consultant


5 years devops and automation (Ansible/Puppet) experience

5 years R-statistics and deep/machine learning experience

20 years scripting experience

Data cleaning

available from 1 week or longer

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SeniorConsultant years of experience to enjoy


Allround computing experts


Automation (Puppet, Ansible)

Software architect (R, Python, Java)

Infra-guru (UNIX, Linux)

Statistics engineer

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DataScientist datajuggler cum laude

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eats data for breakfast

Python, R, Num/SciPy

> 10 years experience in biotech, HPC or statistics


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